Summer Camps


Activities Include:

Beginner Camps 5-10 yrs old

  • Horseback Riding
    • Morning riding lessons
    • Riding activities, including Musical Stalls, Simon Says, Red Light-Green Light, trail rides and relay races!
  • Non-Riding Activities
    • Horse care – each camper gets their own horse/pony to care for and learn from and about
    • Paint your pony and pony decorating competitions
    • Scavenger hunts
    • Arts and Crafts

Advanced Camps 10-16 yrs old (riders must be able to perform basic riding skills- walk, trot and canter)

  • Horseback Riding- As a group riders will work on performing different exercises including cavalettis.
  • Riders will learn the ins and outs of proper care for the sport horse, and skills for show preperation-  applying protective leg wear, after care, braiding and more.