Our People

Kelsey Broecker (Trainer) –

Kelsey’s love and respect for horses has driven her to have an intricate understanding of classical dressage along with all aspects of horse management and care. She has an amazing feel for horses and through her own continued education strives to reach the highest goals in her own riding and takes pride in the development and success of her students and horses.

Gentle Creek works in close relations with Stall Ramsbrock in Germany and follow their philosophy in such that Kelsey has invested all her time and funds into her own personal growth and training.

She has Trained with some of the top trainers including: Albrecht Heiddemann, Hilda Gurney, Gary Rockwall, Hannes Mueller, Alex Wortham, and Sue Casey.

Kelsey rides young horses and horses trained thru grand prix on a daily basis, all seeking the harmony and beauty of classical dressage. Her knowledge and enthusiastic personality coupled with her creative analogies creates optimum learning experience for people of all ages and levels.